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Smiles Incorporated

A small little icon factory that also dabbles in fan fiction.

25 February
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We're a small little icon factory pumping out images and letting you have them for no charge at all! In fact, our motto is:

"We sell free icons, with no hidden fees!
All that we ask is that you credit, please!"

The types of icons we generate depends on the whims of our CEO, whose name is Carly. Depending on whatever topic she's obsessing over at the time, she'll make icons.

But we don't just produce icons, no! Sometimes, we'll branch out into fan fiction, videos, fan art, and maybe even a picspam or two.

We do take custom orders, so if you have an icon that you want, just ask, and you shall receive.

Thanks for visiting Smiles Inc. We hope you enjoy your visit!

About Me: A more detailed "about me" is available to friends only, but this will suffice until I add you. I believe in karma, understanding and spontinaeity. I think that everyone is worth meeting. I graduated from Cairo American College, and the University of Washington in good old Seattle, where I completed my Masters in Teaching through the UWTEP. I have bachelors degrees in Drama and Creative Writing.

This journal exists as an outlet for my many, many fandoms. Look mostly for icons here, but there will also be occasional videos and fan fiction. Most of my fan fiction (the good, bad and the ugly) can be found on FanFiction.Net, under the screen name "WitchGirl."
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